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This year’s SAMPO Festival is SAMPO XX!

The SAMPO Puppet Theatre Festival will take place as a pop-up festival: SAMPO XX – August 26-30, 2020!

All performances and events of the festival are free to the public! The program will be published on August 14, 2020. There are performances for all ages, children and adults, indoors and outdoors. The venues include Puppet Theatre Sampo, Annantalo, Theater Open Doors and other venues.

We have taken into account the safety of the public with many practices: the number of the public is limited and safety distances and hygiene are taken care of thoroughly, in accordance with the recommendations in force.

Follow our communication and come experience the fascination of puppetry!

SAMPO Festival offers memorable, touching and entertaining performances for children and adults. One of the biggest puppetry festivals in Finland, it showcases artists from across the field, different styles of puppetry and visual theatre, and crosses borders between different fields of art. In addition to performances, the program also features films, workshops, outdoor performances, discussions and diverse artist meetings.

SAMPO Festival gives a place for encountering, also for professional puppeteers. For the first time in 2019, the Festival invited also guests from different countries around the world to see performances and take part in discussions. Domestic puppeteers have also had a chance to portray their upcoming work and ideas for a jury of professionals at our Open Stage event.

The festival is organized by Puppet Theatre Sampo.


SAMPO Festival was organized for the first time 29.8-3.9.2017, the second time 22.-26.8.2018 and for the third time 28.8.-1.9.2019. The program books of the earlier festivals can be looked at at the bottom of the page.

SAMPO Festival is a curated festival and we invite performing groups from around the world.

Check out the festival trailer here: SAMPO 2019 Official Festival Trailer

SAMPO 2019 Program Book:



The Festival is organized by Puppet Theatre Sampo, that was founded in 1977 and has its premises in the center of Helsinki.

We invite people of all ages, shapes and sizes to enjoy the cosy atmosphere of our Puppet Theatre Centre and see puppetry performances for children and adults. We offer also art education: workshops and theme days. Sampo´s Fairytale Café is also open to the public at the theatre.

We are driven by imagination, humor and music. Welcome to be inspired by them! You may find some happiness, the treasure of friendship, a sparkle of joy in the middle of a busy day.



The SAMPO Festival Club provides a meeting place for artists and the public at the festival. Get ready for memorable conversations about the performances and everything else, exhilarating meetings, serious and less serious subjects, laughter and relaxing!

The Festival Club is open every evening in Puppet Theatre Sampos Fairytale Cafe.


There have been several puppetry workshops and Master Classes on the festival.


Why is Mörkö smiling?

In this exhibition, Mörkö and his companions lead visitors to theatre, fairy tales and picture books.

Theater puppets are stunning works of art that are very interesting to watch. Every puppet maker has their own recognizable handprint and this little exhibition brings out this great area of expertise in the theatre field. But why is Mörkö smiling? The answer can be found in the exhibition.

The puppets on display are from fairy tales: Mörön unisukat (Mörkö’s dream socks), Pieni ankanpoikanen (Ugly Duckling), Joutsenpoika Jykserge (Swan Boy Jykserge), Saamelaiset tarinat (Sámi stories) and Käkkyrämänty (The Pine tree).

Puppet makers: Heini Maaranen, Mona-Rita Sanmark, Teija Sivula, Joel Nokelainen and Anne Lihavainen.

Curator of the exhibition: Anne Lihavainen

Working group: Tiina Kolehmainen and Petter Korkman (music and soundscape)

The exhibition was originally produced at the Children’s Cultural Center Lilla Villan in Sipoo and planned as a traveling exhibition.

Collaboration: SAMPO Festival / Puppet Theatre Sampo, Lilla Villan, Annantalo.

Annantalo Southern Glass Gallery, 2nd floor.
Annankatu 30.

Language Finnish

Open 18.8.-30.8.2020
Mon-Fri 9-20
Sat 10-16
Sun closed (Sun 30 August, open 12-16)


Puppets From Around the World

This exhibition is about the wonderful world of theatre puppets. The visitor can explore puppet traditions of different cultures and see puppets from around the globe from the 19th century to the present.

Puppet Theatre Sampo Gallery

Free Admission





All events of SAMPO XX Festival are free of charge for the public.

Reservations are preferred, made by phone or email (online booking coming soon). The program will be announced on 14.8. and ticket reservations will be possible thereafter. Tickets can also be obtained at the door if the show is not full.

Ticket reservations: 020 735 2235, toimisto@nukketeatterisampo.fi (note: the office will not open until 17.8.2020)


Ticket office: Nukketeatteri Sampo, Erottajankatu 7, Helsinki.

Reservations: 020 735 2235, toimisto@nukketeatterisampo.fi




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